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The Federation of Wood Industries of Spain-FEIM, was founded in Madrid the 4th of October in 1996, with the aim of represent all the business association whose companies employ wood as a main raw material in the manufactured process. FEIM is also member of the Federation of the European Building Joinery Associations-FEMIB

Linked to the industries of second processing of timber, FEIM host fourteen business association. Overall attends nearly 200 companies with a great representative in the wood sector, distributed throughout Spain.


Tendrá lugar el viernes 30 de abril, de 10:00 a 13:00 horas.
Un referente en puertas.
Con una comercializadora única, generalista, para todos los clientes, todos los productos y todos los mercados.
El comité organizador se reunió on line el pasado día 3 de marzo.







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