What is standardization?

Standardization is a collective activity to establish solutions to a repetitive situation.

In particular, this activity consists in the elaboration, spread and application of rules.

Standardization offer to the society important benefits, because facilitate the application of products, services and process to the finally goals. Taking care of the environment and healthy and to prevent the commerce against obstacle, making easier the technological cooperation.

The internationalisation of the markets and the competence of the products and services, induce the development of the standardization. This activity is considered nowadays as one of the basic fundament to improve the quality and the safety in the companies, products and services, also to protect the environment.

The aim of standardization activities is make technical specification, to use as voluntary reference to improve the quality and safety of any technological, scientist, industrial or service activity.

This activity is done in the heart of a standardization organism, that trough establish procedures, publish documents, approve by general consent, that are denominated as rules.