What kind of Rules exists?

There are a lot of different normative texts; this variety depends on the organism that made it.

In the traditional classification of rules:

  • National rules are elaborated, comply with a period of public information and sanction by the legal organism for standardization activities development in the national level. In Spain these rules are UNE, approve by AENOR, the recognise organism by the Spanish Public Administration to develop the standardization activities in our country.
  • Regional rules are elaborated by a group of regional standardization organism, normally in the continental level, that gathers a group of standardization national organism. The most well-know  are the rules elaborated by the Normalization European Organism (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI)  and prepare with the participation of the accredited manager of all the members countries. AENOR is the National Organism of Standardization, member of the European Committee of Normalization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Normalization  (CENELEC)
  • International rules have similar characteristic with the regional rules in the way to elaborated, but the difference is that they have an international level. The most representative are the IEC rules elaborated by the CENELECto the electric area. AENOR is the National Organism to the Standardization  member of ISO and CEI, so is the organization that management the interest and participation of the socioeconomic agents of Spain in the international standardization