Advantages of standardization


  • Rationalize different varieties of products.

  • Decrease the volume of products in the store and also the manufacturer cost.

  • Improve the management and design.

  • Speed up the management of orders.

  • Facilitate the exportation and marketing of products.

  • Simplify purchasing management.


  • Establish quality and safety level to the service and products.

  • Inform to the characteristic of the products.

  • Make easier the comparison between the different offers

Public service:

  • Simplify the production of legal text.

  • Establish quality, environmental and safety policies.

  • Help to the economical development.

  • Facilitate the business.

In conclusion, rules affect in the evolution of the countries making easier the development of the economy in the industrial sector and in the service sector, with the contribution to the improve of the education and the social welfare and the environmental protection.